Episode Description

Hang on to your 20 and your 10 cause Ask A Ninja is starting this year off with a Hiya! Which is pretty much what we do every year. Anyway, we are kicking off this year with a huge Live show January 28th at Cobbs Comedy Club in San Francisco. This is the link for tickets, thats just gonna stay up there the whole time. But wait theres more. This show aint just the your truly, Im bringing some frenemies including a dirty stinking pirate, a smoking hot amazon who would punch me very hard if she hear me say that and an actual super-hi-tech robot. I aint fakin, I aint fakin now. A ninja, a pirate, an amazon and a robot, live in San Francisco at Cobbs Comedy Club on January 28th. Buy tickets here: http://bit.ly/ninjasfshow