Episode Description

Get The MP3: http://bit.ly/ninjasong Credits: Alex Lindsey: http://pixelcorps.com Alex Albrecht: http://revision3.com/trs David Furr: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm2412970/ Special thanks: Will Minton and Brian Armstrong 1. MMichaelBennett "YOU'RE ALL WRONG! He's been hiding in my mothers wardrobe trying on all her outfits. Cross-dresser ninja." 2. Phoenixashe "and He spent millions of years in a deep sleep after killing all the dinos (it wasnt a Meteor after all!)" 3. RichardDDragon "in the mountains, battling a colossal, three-headed turducken" 4. dethomit "Hiding in the gills of the brazilian river trout waiting to ambush his next target." 5. Grizzlysgrowls "Mexican prison, with a cellmate named "Bubba." 6. riderkidDA "…new haven CT?" 7. aggieblues "has the ninja been training new ninjas? But none have been able to complete his program b/c of a 30 headed dragon?" 8. VertexEspada "killing people of course :D " 9. loyaleagle "I'd guess you've been hiding in the 314,159,265th decimal position of Pi" 10. ladyninja "been ninja-napped being forced to compete in a all out ninja competition to decided who is the top and most deadliest ninja" 11. JackSquatJB "Have you been hiding in the new Mortal Kombat game?" 12. squeekymisa "have you been to Kill-a-con? 13. dcedilotte "I think you've been hiding in a Good Knights Quest." 14. thestickman91 "Behind you" 15. dpersee "he's been teaching Ninyoga on weekends while fighting against robot pirate dragons in his free time as a waiter on TGI fridays" 16. bishopkm "Inside a tiger, teaching her unborn tiger children the ways of the Ninja. 17. Highlordkram "Touring the world and living large on all that internet money?" 18. DDub925 "you decided to vacation in the quantum shift between this and it's alternate universe. I hear the surfing is awesome there" 19. dydirect "Have you been hanging out on the Tron grid?" 20. x0xRavenx0x "in between my blinks in the darkness that dwells between the seen and unseen world, the world of the ninja" 21. Kavevas "Have you been stalking the cast, director, and writers of Twilight looking for a good time to take them out?" 22. Arcaneous "fighting invaders from the fifth dimension?" 23 a. vandbushin "in plain sight… the rest of us need to work on our surroundings. 23 b. Arttworx "In plain sight." 23 c. icehawke "You've been hiding in plain sight. But since you are such an awesome ninja, no one saw you." 24. dj_jules "He's totally been at Ninja Management Academy, learning how to efficiently run his assassin-advice business!" 25. DoctorZigzag ", dude, you were totally causin' some major havoc in the world of the non ninjas. BP oil spill? Rad, man. Rad. 26. CatchMyHead "@ NInjaMart, the place where real Ninja's do their Ninja supply groceries?" 27. Betrippin "Since you are so cunning and handsome I would have to say you were hiding out whever the hell you felt like." 28. taomaster99 "Right behind me the whole time, AWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!" 29. GordyMac "Mastering the auto-tune." 30. existdissolve "The ninja has been hiding in the building anticipation of AskANinja fans who are ready for new episodes!!" 31. DoctorZigzag ", dude, you were totally causin' some major havoc in the world of the non ninjas. BP oil spill? Rad, man. Rad. 32. v2thekey "hanging over a vat of boiling oil waiting for the right moment to untie yourself and kill the man who hung you up," 33. CrystalEllinon "On Mars, fighting that poseur John Carter, wrecking some green eight-armed alien face, and getting the space babe?" 34. TheJamesHische "You've been making the sequel to Beverly Hills Ninja" 35. Zack_Parks "in the bowels of a demon dragon traveling through subspace in another time dimension. right?" 36. SaketKulkarni "Visiting your mom. Don't deny it! Despite your vaunted ninja skills, she always tracks down the no. of the phone nearest you!" 37. TylorDerainged "I'd guess you've been hiding in the ball-pit of some abandoned McDonalds in Alaska!" 38. AJThePolarBear "has been training in the valley of giant invisible super poison wasps for the past year, seeing if he can avoid the unseeable" 39. ggAngelThanatos "Duh. A Real Ninja has been right behind you the whole time, you just didn't know it. You SO coulda died."