Episode Description

Brad asks the Ninja if there are midget ninjas. Plus special bonus question from Mike about Snakes on a Plane! Subscribe to the video podcast at http://askaninja.com. !!!Get the Ask A Ninja Theme Song As A RingTone!!! To get the full theme song: Text 17444 to 51927 To get a shorter version: Text 17445 to 51927 Your phone will automatically receive a short message from http://jivjiv.com. Please confirm your purchase by replying to that message with Y. After you download the item, $1.99 will be billed directly to your cell phone. Test your phone first for free before purchasing, all purchases are final. http://jivjiv.com/test.jsp Questions: Am I signing up for a subscription?" You are only buying this one ringtone. There are no subscriptions or continuing charges. For support, go to http://jivjiv.com/contact.jsp.