Episode Description

Ask a Ninja Presents: I AM NINJA Monday, April 20 2009 – I AM NINJA Get it on iTunes Now INCLUDES: * Main game (Confrontation) + 3 mini-games to play between levels * Stand alone mini-game play * In-game voice overs by THE Ninja * Stream and watch all of the latest 'Ask a Ninja' episodes * Share your high scores globally (all-time & daily) * Submit your own 'Ask a Ninja' questions, which could be featured on future episodes * Access to the 'Ask a Ninja' community site * 3 difficulty settings for the games * Multiple Easter Eggs CONFRONTATION: You are a lone Ninja facing a land overrun with pirates, zombies and evilized ninjas. You must use the ninja skills of quick reaction, dexterity, strategy, and love of KILLING to survive the never-ending onslaught. Dead them before they dead you! Aim using your device's accelerometer and shoot by tapping the screen. As in real life, some enemies will require more than one shot, so pay attention to the blood! You'll start off with a virtually unlimited supply of good old-fashioned blowdarts, but you'll need better weapons to survive for long. Thankfully there's a Ninja Store, but it ain't cheap. You'll get cash based on the # of points earned per level. Increase your points with overall accuracy and with the consecutive-shot multiplier. After clearing a level, you will be given an opportunity to play a mini-game to earn even more cash. Then, go shopping. Buy killer weapons like the Ninja-Q (fire arrows), the Triple Death (3 darts fire at once), or Da Bomb (Da Bomb!). Each level becomes more difficult, so use your weapons well and spend your money wisely…and don't get shot! Your Ninja has 8 hearts and you'll lose one each time you get hit. You can buy more hearts, but trust me, real Ninjas prefer to spend money on weapons that kill their enemies in painful, deathy and utterly entertaining ways! MINIGAMES: * Obstacle – Bow & arrow game…aim, pull, shoot! Big bucks for head shots! * Balance – Stay on the bamboo pole, lean into the target zone and let the cash keep on cha-chinging (that means "adding up" in old timey cash register speak)! * Memory – With bow staff in hand, smack the punching bag in the correct sequence or die a shockingly painful death! …all mini-games can be played in stand-alone mode, providing multiple lives and levels! NINJA STORE ITEMS: * Beating Heart – restores 1 health * Poison Blowgun – Kills pirates and Red Ninjas with one shot * Ninja-Q Gun – Fries any enemy with one shot * Teflon Killer – Arrows penetrate through multiple enemies with one shot * Triple Death – Shoots 3 darts per shot * Rail Blowgun – Like a blowgun with A.D.D. Non-stop rapid fire and slightly obnoxious * Da Bomb – Splash damage! Kills all enemies within range MISCELLANEOUS: * 1 Player Game * Made for iPhone & iPod Touch * Requires OS version 2.2 or higher PORTION OF PROCEEDS TO CHARITY: AxoStudios and Beatbox Productions are contributing 10% of Net proceeds from the sale of I AM NINJA to Dr. Sylvia Earle's Deep Search Foundation. Both companies attended the 2009 TED Conference, were moved by Dr. Earle's presentation and wish to help her foundation explore and protect the world's oceans. Watch Dr. Sylvia Earle's TED Prize Winning Presentation: Here's How to Protect the Blue Heart of the Planet FREE iPHONE RINGTONES: If you'd like to add I AM NINJA ringtones to your iPhone, just download the zip file. Drag the contents into your iTunes library, and they will appear under Ringtones. Sync Ringtones with your iPhone and each sound clip will be available for your iPhone's ringer. Download Ringtones Now Ringtones include: * Main Theme * Confrontation Background Music * Obstacle Background Music * Balance Background Music * Memory Background Music ILFTKYS: I look forward to killing you soon!