The Stare 02.04.11


This week the Ninja Stared at:Mummies Getting kicked in the groin. (DO NOT USE AUDIO) The real housewives of Cairo (DO NOT USE AUDIO) And of course Dig Nation (DO NOT USE AUDIO, 2:33 – 2:36) Anderson Cooper was attacked in Egypt. wolverine attacks the people CUTIE PATOOTIE VID… Read More

The Stare 01.28.11


This Week the Ninja Stared at the Following Vids: Billy Joel Cover Smackfest French Bulldog Natalie Portman Laughs Bus Driver iPhone Commercial Gaga Video Woodpecker vs. Snake Amazing Put Put Shot

Ninterview – Molly Erdman


Journey to the center of the earth for another Ninterview – this week with Molly Erdman of the Second City Network. Second City Network,24,43&search_query=%40thesecondcitynetwork&lclk=TheSecondCityNetwork/m/21/sr2/1 Catalog Living Sonic Commercial